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Why Choose River Hawk Boats?
Leading the industry through design and technology, River Hawk Boats is fast becoming the boat selected by serious anglers, professional guides and first-time boat owners, too. With several distinctly different models from 16 to 32 feet, River Hawk Boats can build the boat of your dreams.

Whether racing through shallow riffles in the Guide Series CSV, trolling in a Lake Hawk, or even venturing offshore with the Big Water Series in outboard or stern-drive models... no boat on the market can match River Hawk's performance and craftsmanship. River Hawk Boats offer premier fit and finish, clean strong welds, hand-tailored canvas and fishermen friendly layouts. It's the attention to detail that makes River Hawk Boats the best looking boat on the water!

River Hawk Boats strives to keep the top quality dealers representing our full line of boats, below is the list of dealers that currently representing River Hawk Boats.

 About River Hawk Boats:

Ameriflex Engineering has merged with River Hawk Boats bringing together three owners with years of knowledge and experience in the boating industry, each of them dedicated to the highest customer satisfaction and best quality that you’re hard earned money can buy. This dedication to providing the very best features in every one of the boat models brings with it benefits that present themselves every time you climb aboard your River Hawk Boat. Each boat coming from the long and successful race boat tradition of the founder of River Hawk, Mike Zoller.

Mike built his first race boat at the age of 16 from stem to stern, his love for boats carried to all facets of boat construction including the fitting of boats at the well known heavy aluminum boat shop of Alumaweld which gained Mike additional knowledge in the boat building field. With the taste of success Mike began racing in earnest securing himself a respected position and title in bracket racing on the West Coast of America. Mike managed to mix college with his first love of boat racing and supported his passion by working at River Marine another respected boating name and established marine retailer. Mikes attention turned to building for sale the finest racing motors and jet drives answering the precision demands of the industry and furthering Mikes reputation in the boating field.

In 1990 Mike Zoller started Performance Marine, rebuilding and modifying motors, hulls, crash repairs and drive units for the industry, it was a perfect fit and long in coming for Mike to have his own business in a field that he knew and was respected for. 1990-1997 saw Mike Zoller couple with another respected boat enthusiast together they built Jetcraft race boats and competed in the unlimited whitewater jet boat racing circuit establishing many course records and winning the World Unlimited Championship in 2003. Mike Zoller single handed went on to win the prestigious New Zealand Canterbury IROC World Championships, the first for an American in 38years of racing history.

2001-2003 Mike went on to purchase Jetcraft Boats of Medford Oregon, Service Dept. Once again at the forefront of a dynamic and growing heavy aluminum boat industry Mike was responsible for the design, build and repair for these dynamic boat models. River Hawk Boats was conceived by Mike with the same competitive winning attitude and attention to precision and detail that has always been the key to success of the River Hawks founder, not to mention a bit of speed along the way. These building principles, exceptional customer service and appreciation, along with a sense of humor and focus on fun, is the unique and exciting story of River Hawk Boats.














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